The hotel

The Treviso Hotel gets a makeover

The interior has been entirely redesigned and renovated to restore the building to its original charming and characterful self with an eye to ensuring maximum comfort.

After undergoing comprehensive renovations, the Treviso Hotel has rediscovered its original soul as a cosy bubble nestled in the folds of time as warm as the trysts it has witnessed.

Unlike major hotel chains which are now attempting to rent rooms in the daytime, the Treviso Hotel prides itself on discretion, and its cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to various drinks, the Treviso Hotel stocks YESforLOV branded products. High-quality products for pleasure and well-being, as well as fun objects aimed to awaken or re-awaken the magic of pleasure and the dance of love.

A little history…

Still too often confused with what was once known as “brothels”, the “Day Hotel or Love Hotel” concept is entirely different.

A little history…
From the time of their creation to their closure in the 1940s, brothels were the subject of much discussion. Brothels, or houses of ill fame, concealed behind discrete façades enabled visitors to escape the world in an enchanting atmosphere, these places were symbolic.
The “Day Hotel or Love Hotel” concept is nothing like these mythical places of yesteryear.

Many couples visit Love Hotels every day to explore a fantasy, experience a moment of sensuality such as a unique and erotic adventure. There is talking, sharing, enjoyment, and more.