Discretion, speed, simplicity

The Treviso Hotel has a concierge. The person on hand will welcome you upon arrival and is tasked with ensuring that you have an excellent stay.

The rooms can be booked for periods of 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours (Privilege rooms), 3 hours (Jacuzzi room and Fetish Boudoir room).

You may occupy the rooms for longer periods if you so desire (20€

per extra hour).

Swingers are welcome, although a supplement of 20€ must be paid for each additional person.
Bookings may only be paid in cash or using the Payconiq application.

Visitors without a booking are welcome. However, it is preferable to book your room beforehand to ensure that it is available when you need it.

Our establishment is gay friendly.

Reservations can also be made on the same day and by phone at  +32 492 204 806. 

The Treviso Hotel has a selection of drinks including sodas, Champagne and wine.

Drugstore products, including condoms and other intimate products, are also available.

For the most curious and adventurous, we also have high quality products for pleasure and well-being, as well as fun objects to awaken or re-awaken the magic of pleasure and the dance of love.