Schedules and rates


The Treviso Hotel welcomes you every day (the closing time stated relates to the last admission)
Monday to Friday: from 11am to 22pm.

Saturday from 12am to 20pm

Attention: we are pleased to announce that from January 1 st 2024 our hotel will open its doors from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

During February, as every year, we also open our doors on Sundays from 10am to midnight. Don’t hesitate to book your room for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Book in advance and pay to the account number of Fortis Banque BE65 0019 4532 5296 (communication room number)

The Privilege rooms can be occupied for a period of your choosing: 2,3 or 4 hours .

The Jacuzzi  room and the Boudoir for a period of 3 hours . 

If you wish to extend your moment, a supplement of 20€/hour will be charged, for each type of room (Privilege, Jacuzzi and Fetish Boudoir).

The room is rented for 2, an amount of 20€ will be requested for additional person.

(Regardless of the time of arrival, the Treviso closes at 22pm).

The Treviso Hotel has three types of rooms:

Privilege rooms : 85€ /2 hours – 90€ / 3 hours – 95€ / 4 hours
Jacuzzi room : 105€ / 3 hours
Fetish Boudoir room : 110€/  3 hours

Treviso formula

Privilege room 3hours  package and Champagne bottle Moët et Chandon 75cl: 150€

Privilege room 3hours package and Cava bottle Holà 75cl: 115€

We present you a drinks menu that you can find in your room. Sodas, hot drinks, spirits, wines and alcohols are available to you. We are at your disposal to serve you in your room.


32, rue de la Longue Haie
1050 Brussels (Louise neighbourhood)
+32 (0) 492 20 48 06


For your comfort, there are two nearby parking areas:

Parking Concorde (150m), rue de la Concorde, 1050 Brussels

Parking Stefanie-Louise (300m), avenue Louise, 83a, 1050 Brussels